Too Good? McDonald’s Sells Out Of New Chicken Tenders


McDonald’s stated that due to the demand of the Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, which has gone far beyond all expectations, customers will no longer be able to order it. That’s because of the surprising turn of events, which the one-month-old item has been getting and this is a strange state of affairs. As a result of this, McDonald’s decides to stop serving them until late December this means it is only a couple of weeks before they’re back available for our next order.

What we got in October when it came out was like an improved form of the 2015 Chicken Selects that disappeared and left many Americans upset. McDonald’s revamped recipe fries complete white-meat chicken southern-style with buttermilk, an effort that lots of managers wished would reiterate McDonald’s intentions to simple natural meals. This initiative went down well with popular food critics such as Tim Carman of the Washington Post and although they are literally what we get on the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich, cut into reduced pieces. Michael Haraez who happens to be one of McDonald’s chefs stated that it was just another way of giving people what they love.

Seems like he wasn’t wrong after all. But perhaps, the brand hedged its bets because right from the very start, there was a problem with availability. Not long after Tenders was released, they had joined ice cream on the list on what you might find at your local shops.

McDonald’s sympathizes, even if it can’t sell you the strips right now: