Chipotle Employee Shares Unknown Secrets About the Mexican Grill


As far as tips are concerned, nothing beats getting information directly from the source, especially where food is concerned. Which menu items are the most popular at Chipotle? How can you save time and money at any of their restaurants? What future releases are Chipotle planning for its customers? The answers to these questions will be revealed in this post, and remember, these are tips from an insider; it’s solid gold!


1. Most Popular Menu Item

Given how popular it is, you will be forgiven for assuming burrito is the most ordered item on Chipotle’s menu. It isn’t. Chipotle serves more burrito bowls than they do anything else on the menu. As a matter of fact, at the start, the burrito bowl wasn’t an item on the menu at Chipotle, but many people made so many special requests for it that they had no choice but to put it up.

2. How to Avoid the Queue

Unknown to most customers, almost all Chipotle branches have a different line where online orders are prepared and sorted. If you place an order online, considering the long lines that can be found at nearly all Chipotle restaurants, there is a good chance that you will get your food earlier than someone who placed an order in the restaurant at exactly the same time.

3. How to Get Freebies

There are a couple of offers customers can take advantage of during the year, including the yearly Boorito Halloween offer, and many Buy One, Get One Free promotions. If you want to receive updates on offers and promotions, sign up for alerts (text and/or email) on the Chipotle website.

4. Future Additions

Menu changes aren’t frequent at Chipotle because they believe in doing few things perfectly rather than doing a lot shoddily. Most of the food on the menu are handmade, and they are prepared from all-natural and fresh ingredients. However, plans are in motion to launch a new dessert, buñuelos, in select restaurants. Be on the lookout for an official announcement.

5. Where do Leftovers Go?

There are laid-down processes on waste minimisation at Chipotle, but most times, leftovers cannot be completely avoided. In this vein, Chipotle is in partnership with over 1270 local organisations, and through them, provide food for those in need. Over the years, an estimated 7 million meals have been distributed nationwide through this arrangement.