WRONG! Gordon Ramsay Dislikes These Popular American Foods


There are only a few people in the history of food that have affected the opinion of others as Gordon Ramsay. This British celebrity chef was a guest at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert not while ago. When the host asked Gordon what are the American foods that he dislikes or hates, his answer surprised the host and the audience.

Namely, Ramsay first said that he dislikes grits and we can’t blame him for this answer because they don’t have a unique taste. However, he also said some harsh stuff about the American style sandwiches. Ramsay didn’t talk much about the taste of the sandwiches, but he said that they were quite big and that it is impossible for a normal person to eat them.

Luckily, Stephen Colbert found a way to protect the enormous American sandwiches that make us proud. He said that the characteristics of a sandwich are closely related to the country where they are made and since America is a superpower, the sandwiches are gigantic too, pointing out that the sandwiches were probably bigger when the United Kingdom was an empire.

Stephen admitted that it is sometimes hard to bite an American sandwich, but you should use both hands and your mouth to do this in the right way. It might be difficult, but it’s possible to do it.

It seems that Gordon Ramsay accepted this answer, but after that he shocked the audience again – he mocked the deep-fried turkeys.

While it is true that the turkeys made in America can be a little bit dry, but if you are doing this in the right way, they will certainly be very tasty. Deep frying is one of the basic cooking methods in America. Colbert also added that since he is from the South, he was raised on deep fried food and there is nothing wrong with that.

Hopefully these answers will make Gordon Ramsay change his mind about some of the most popular American foods!