Steve Austin Tries Vegan Food by Accident and His Reaction was Fun!


Steve Austin, also known by his ring name Stone Cold, is one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. He has won many matches and he has been hanging out with many celebrities including the President. Many millennials have grown with his performance. Most people know him as a bald, cocky redneck.

Whenever you see Steve Austin, vegan is probably not something that crosses your mind, but it turns out that his wife is a vegetarian. That’s why she asked him to go to a vegetarian restaurant together.

Austin shared this unusual experience with his fans by creating a detailed podcast. Even though he admits that he had some doubts, he now says that the experience was great. A goatless Greek salad and buffalo cauliflower are just some of the things that Stone Cold tried that night and he claims that they were great.

As expected, the details that Stone Cold shared about his unique dinner experience were described in a funny way because after all – this is his style.

First of all, he was not aware that vegan restaurants don’t serve any meat at all. Some might think that this is quite natural because we are talking about a vegan restaurant, but Austin has a point. He said that he believed that he can find meat there because almost every “ordinary” restaurant out there has a few vegetarian options so looking for at least a couple of meat options in a vegan restaurant seemed logical.

But, he was wrong – the restaurant didn’t have meat options. The waiter was kind enough to suggest a dish that Steve might like – plantain-based dish. Steve says that he was not sure what plantains are, but he immediately said that he is a plantain activist and that he simply cannot harm any plantains. The waiter apologized for the suggestion and Steve was not sure whether he was serious or not.

The ex-WWE Champion was not enjoying this place in the beginning, but after a couple of beers he decided to try the aforementioned dishes and he was pleasantly surprised. Now, he urges people to try the vegan food or at least some dishes that they have never tried before.